About Us

Our Founder

Our founder started his career supporting a custom PeopleSoft Identity Management Application and creating many different SQL reports.  He has worked as a Software and Database Developer for Commercial,  State and Federal clients.

He has experienced developing Reports and Dashboards with PeopleSoft, ColdFusion, Cognos, and Logi Analytics. Each tool has its strengths and weaknesses.

He found himself always falling back to SQL and other tools to debug reports to support clients on legacy applications. Current Reporting tools do not provide the all the functions needed for error handling, debugging and auditing of the reports.

Our Vision

Our company was founded to create a better web reporting application than what is currently on the market.

We wanted to provide the developer an easier way to create simple accurate reports. We wanted to address the concerns and problems developers and clients currently see with limited debugging, data leakage and hard to manage reports created for different user groups.

We focused on building the application with developer support and security in mind as the core modules. We have the following patents to address issues we found with the current reporting tools on the market.

Download the Patent Information